Archiving is a very important part of Webcasting.

FenMark Media has the ability to stream to more than 10 streaming services* simultaneously in addition to streaming to a local hard drive. Each of the streaming services has the ability to record the broadcast for users to view at a later time.

In addition to streaming, FenMark Media records the live broadcast to a local hard disk, then uploads the show to FenMark Media’s hosting website. An individual web page is created for each client and dedicated to the storage of past recorded shows. Users entering the FenMark Media website can easily navigate to the Archives page of any show. From there, all archived shows are organized by month with pull-down menus listing the aired date within the month. Just click on the play arrow and the archived show begins to play without commercial interruption.

The importance of this multipoint broadcast storage is that users will have access to past shows over a broad variety of platforms. Having the aggregate bandwidth of the streaming services and that of the host web servers means your show can be seen uninterrupted by a wide audience.

For a nominal fee, FenMark Media can copy any quantity of your archived shows to DVDs for your personal use, whether to show perspective advertisers or to present to potential investors.

For a quick look at a sample Archive page just click on the link Archive. There, you will see headings listed by month.

Other benefits of the Archived show are twofold; for a nominal fee you may have an edited copy of the show made and/or decide to re-air the Archived show at a future date. FenMark Media has the professional software and expertise to edit the video track and audio tracks to produce a truly customized version of the original broadcast. Meeting your needs is FenMark Media's top priority!

* Streaming services include: Ustream,, Livestream,,, Brightcove, Akamai, Limelight, BitGravity, Wowza and more.