Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:   Who is FenMark™ and FenMark™ Media?

A:  FenMark is the parent company that owns FenMark Media. FenMark focuses on customers requiring new website designs, giving older websites updates & functionality and website maintenance. In addition, FenMark produces ads and promotional pieces for advertisers to use either on webcasts or on websites. FenMark Media is the broadcast division and focuses on radio and video webcasting, podcasting, remote location broadcasting and archiving of broadcasts. If it has to do with broadcasting, then FenMark Media handles it.

Q:  How hard is it to start my own show?

A:  It is very easy. You just decide what topic or topics you want to focus on. Then, decide if you would like to present your topic to your audience using radio or adding in video as well. If you have items you would like people to see, then adding in video is an easy choice. The cost to go video is small; itís all up to you. Once you have your topic, you just schedule when you would like to broadcast your show. We take care of everything else. Once the topic and show time are established, you just show up, sit down in the studio and begin your show.

Q:   May I have guests or other people on the show?

A:   Absolutely, our studio can accommodate up to eight people on the air at the same time. There is no extra charge for bringing in guests or adding people to your show. Just call ahead so we can set the stage to accommodate the extra folks.

Q:   How much does all this cost?

A:   We do not publish prices because each person has different requirements and needs. You will be plesantly surprised how accessible and cost-effective broadcasting with FenMark can be! Just click on this Contact Us link, fill in the contact form and click Submit. We will get back to you within 2 business days with detailed information on options and costs.

Q:   Is there a price break if my show airs more often or is a longer show?

A:   Yes, there is a price break. One 2-hour show is less costly than two 1-hour shows. A weekly show costs less per show than one airing twice a month. We work with you so you will get the best cost savings and the most show time.

Also important to know is that if you cannot make it to the studio for your show, we will not charge you for missing your scheduled air time. You may call us and ask us to broadcast one of your archived shows; please click on the Archive link to read about how we archive shows. We could broadcast one of your archived shows with a note explaining that it is a previously aired show. If we broadcast an archived show there is a 50% charge of your regular show fee.

Q:  What about contracts, commitment time and early cancellation fees?

A:  There is a contract so everybody knows what to expect and what we will and wonít do. There is also a waiver which explains your rights and FenMark Mediaís rights to air your show. There are NO commitments for how many weeks or months you must sign up for there arenít any. End your show any time you want. There are no early cancellation fees either.

At FenMark Media it is all about you and giving you a great experience being on the air expressing your passion.

Q:  Is FenMark Media a talk kind of show only?

A:  No way! You can bring in the band and play live music. We have a big new stage performance Professional Mackie mixer and microphone pickups to let you rock-on. Come in and play soft rock, western, country or classical, sorry no heavy metal (the old folks next door complain too much). You can even record a demo for an extra fee.

Q:  Can I play music on my show like a D.J. or an oldies radio station?

A:  That is possible. The main consideration is the copyright fees. You are responsible for all fees and releases for copyrights. In addition, you must supply FenMark Media with proof of paid fees and other recordkeeping material.