Pre-Recorded Shows

Broadcasting of Your Own Pre-Recorded Shows.

FenMark Media has the ability to broadcast and  Archive your pre-recorded videos*.

This gives you the ability to record your event and broadcast the recording, either raw or have FenMark Media edit the video to maximize the end user's viewing experience.

We have cost-effective post production facilities allowing FenMark Media to customize and edit your video. You may have FenMark add or remove video scenes; audio may be adjusted as well. We can edit your show to include your photos, graphics, PDFs or PowerPoint slides, just to name a few available features. In addition, you may choose from any combination of well over 100 transitional effects to give your video a truly unique style.

All of these flexible capabilities point to FenMark Media as your best choice for taking your show to a worldwide audience or to a select target audience. FenMark Media can make your Webcast come alive.

Contact us at 773.682.3560, or   to explore how we may help you fulfill the creative process for a complete broadcast experience.

* Production fees may apply.

Please visit our Remote Location Web Page to explore the possibilities of allowing FenMark Media professionals to record the video for you.