Craziest Videos 1

YouTube Viral videoYouTube Viral video

Okay, so this is our zany side.

Someone in production got this idea in her head to create a video, place it on YouTube, and see if it could go Viral. Humor, being at a premium these days, we thought we would lighten up and give her the "Green Light", drink your milk, and just sit back to see what happens.*

Your participation is requested to click the link, See Crazy Stupid Mower and Tree, as many times as you like; the more the merrier. Who knows, if enough people click on the link and then email the link to their friends (just right click over the link and choose "Copy Link Location" and past it into an email, it's that easy) and ask them to send the link to all the people they know, and so on ... maybe the video going viral idea just might happen.

Check back to this page and we will keep you posted.

Please note that you will be redirected to the video at YouTube. Please use the back button to return to FenMark Media.

See Crazy Stupid Mower and Tree.

* What, you didn't watch "Cartoon Express" starring the 2-time Emmy Award-winning Bill Stulla (AKA Engineer Bill) when you were young, and when the announcer would blurt out the words  "Green Light"  you were supposed to drink your milk?   Please use the back button to return to FenMark Media.