Webcast Training

Come join our webcast training program to learn what it means to be the Host of a show.

FenMark Media has put together training sessions to help you to successfully host a webcast show. Learn how to maintain the flow of a show, know when to take control and, more importantly, when to sit back and let your guest talk. All too often, untrained people are starting their own show with virtually no understanding of the dynamic between host and guest, host and audience or the preparation needed behind the scenes. This leads to a less than successful show with loss of audience and maybe a guest who might not return.

In our training sessions, you will learn how to effectively prepare for your show, including planning, research, potential guest development, developing support materials and on-air presentation. You will also practice live broadcasts and playback the recordings to have your instructor evaluate areas where you may still need work. All-soon-to-be hosts and current hosts will benefit from the lessons presented here.

We even have a special offer for you. If you enroll in the course and then move on to actually hosting your own show on FenMark Media's channel, a portion of your tuition fees will be credited toward your show costs.

Whatever your interests are, express them, reach out through the power of internet webcasting and let the world know you're here.

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