Remote Location

low cost Chicago video webcast

FenMark Media takes it on the road!

We have all the facilities necessary to set up a studio at almost any venue. Whether itís a live broadcast or producing a recording to be broadcast at a later date, we have done it all.

The keys to FenMark Media's success are having our own mobile internet hotspot providing 4G uploading speeds (not a fixed hotspot like your local coffee house, but one that travels with FenMark Media) plus our close coordination between you and the venue management.

By conducting a few thorough comprehensive strategy meetings, we are able to keep costs down to a minimum and produce spectacular results. You will be extremely satisfied by using FenMark Media for all your location needs.

We'd like to tell you more, so we invite you to contact us. Just click on this Contact Us link, fill in the contact form and click Submit.